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Risograph machines are environmentally friendly and cost-effective printers. They’re capable of large print runs in minutes, using inks made from rice bran oils, and stencils (also known as masters) made with heat-sensitive paper

We offer printing for:
✏︎ posters
✏︎ flyers
✏︎ invites
✏︎ artists prints
✏︎ books and zines
& also offer in house design solutions to help with your prints

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The Risograph

The first risograph was developed by screen-printers, and operates on a similar basis. The image file is received by the machine and burnt onto a master which operates much like a screen. The master is wrapped around an ink drum, which spins at high speed to push ink through the master onto paper.

Risograph machines are not perfect like inkjet and laser printers, prints may appear different to how they look on your screen. Prints and registration (especially for prints of over 2 colours) will vary from print to print.

Our Risograph machine is a two-colour MZ-770E capable of printing with two colours per run.

Before we print...

We’ll need you to send us your prints in either single PDF or JPEG formats, one for each colour layer.

Type of 12pt or under can be set to registration black but for text of 14pt or over please set to normal black (100%K) or the ink may smudge.

For whiteout text please assure that the text is 7pt or larger so it remains readable on the print.

The maximum print size is A3 but the Risograph cannot print full bleed so a 5mm margin will be applied to all A3 prints.

Please apply 3mm of bleed marks to your files before sending, if you need full bleed prints we will cut them down after printing for you.

When printing books please also include printers marks for us to work with.

Block Colour
Large areas of block colour can be tricky for the Risograph, causing jams as the paper gets stuck to the drum owing to the ink density.

It is however possible to print large areas with an ink density of 75%, thus prints will appear slightly different to the image on your screen.

See our riso print guide: 

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  Inks in stock

 Colour mixes


Recycled A3/A4 paper
UK/EU origin

Eco Gray
Recycled A3/A4 paper
EU origin

Recycled A3/A4 paper
EU origin

✦ you are also welcome to use your own paper (remember the risograph can only print on uncoated paper!)


Staple Binding 

Comb Binding

Sewn Binding

Perfect Binding

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