Spun Press is a collaborative publishing house based in London, England run by Marta Zenka and Lewie Magarshack. We are interested in making cross disciplinary books by cultivating collaborative processes of planning, design, print and distribution. We believe that engagement at every level of production is an attractive proposition especially within a market in which the growth of commercialism in art has left many alienated from these processes. 

We have previously worked with poets, painters, photographers, illustrators and musicians to make books and we’re always excited by the challenge of incorporating new mediums – the more we grow the greater our network and scope for collaboration becomes. 

Our non restrictive approach to making means we are able to engage people from a diverse section of society, especially working class folks who haven’t had the opportunities afforded to many others. We also don’t restrict the topics that our books cover; we’re interested in a broad range of subjects, including but not limited to social and environmental issues, communication and art, literature and music.

Although we have mainly produced books in the traditional sense – artists’ books, zines and photobooks – we are open to working on more experimental projects in the future. 

SO if you have an idea get in touch!