Spun Press is a collaborative publishing house based in London, England run by Marta Zenka and Lewie Magarshack. We publish books collaboratively in unison with artists, often making introductions between artists in the process. We strive for diversity and hope to give opportunities to artists from working class communities.

As well as our role as artist-publishers we offer a range of services; design, printing and consultation on books and a whole range of other projects. Our in house risograph printing services are available on demand, with a discount for socially-consciouss and progressive projects. Also we have worked on graphic design comissions for record labels, websites and indepent retailers.

Contact us at spunpress@gmail.com with any publishing or design quieries! 


Late Works 
Golfo Magazine 
David McErlane
Frank Morris
Sean Fenn
Bleen Zine 

Carla Perez Vas